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The owner of a new baking business reached out for help in creating a brand that would rise above all the rest.

The brief was to name and create a visual identity for a brand that would sell baked goods, but could also put community-baking at its heart. My client also wanted to set themselves apart from other independent bakeries, who tended to go for kitsch looks that suit them fine, but don’t set them apart from the crowd.

My client wanted something that felt more grown-up, more established and more welcoming as a brand for the community, rather than just their name on a cake.

After work-shopping some ideas with my client, The Baked Goods Company was born – starting with its flagship venture, The Baked Goods Emporium. The BGE will be an online shop where hungry customers can find expertly-made, super tasty, homemade baked goods for any occasion.

Inspiration from the logo came from the heart of any bakery – the oven!

The shape of a traditional oven can also closely resemble a loaf of bread, so after lots of careful refining I worked up this neat holding shape for the wordmarque.

For the typography of the brand, I needed something that had plenty of personality – something that would stand out from the crowd without being abrasive.

I worked with a quirky, open-source typeface called Zarathustra (by Lorène Ceccon) and customised the weight to give the wordmarque more standout.

Pairing this with a cheeky (but not irreverent) copywriting style will give the brand all the personality it needs to welcome people into the fold!

The same direction—creating something approachable but different—was used when selecting a colour palette for the brand. My client wanted something that worked well as a seller of yummy foodstuffs, but also didn’t blend in with all the other bakeries out there.

I developed a three-colour palette that would help them achieve this. A deep, plum colour was chosen for those indulgent moments when you just want cake. A bright, active orange colour is to be used when inspiring others to don an apron and get baking, and a warm & doughy neutral tone was chosen to work as a backdrop for the brand.

In application, we opted to keep things simple. It was felt that the logo was strong enough as a calling card, and that the baked goods themselves should do the real talking. The oven graphic also doubles-up here as the beginning of a brand pattern.

As a start-up, it’s also important that costs are kept in check – so I’ve also suggested the use of hand-applied stamping of the logo for this purpose. This also gives things a special, one-of-a-kind feel, too.

Digital channels are vital for any consumer-goods company, particularly in a sector where there is such rich availability of great content.

To ensure the Baked Goods Emporium maintains a cohesive look across its channels, I developed several key templates for the brand to deploy across its social media, helping to keep things consistent, but fresh.

All in all, I’m delighted to have given The Baked Goods Company this start in life, and look forward to working with them more in the future as they rise to the top!

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